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insurance broker

One of the most important and effective instruments in minimizing of a person’s expenses in the case of unfavourable events and unforeseen situations is insurance. There is a number of different optional and compulsory types of insurance and insurance programmes, and it’s quite difficult to make sense of it if you’re not a professional in insurance.

Modern world dictates its own rules of behaviour at the financial market, and aside from a natural wish of a person to insure against possible negative situations and voluntary search of a necessary insurance programme, today in case of drawing up a consumer or mortgage loan the insurance agreements became a crucial demand of the banks.

So, the staff of INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL using their professional knowledge of insurance business functioning, analysing and having the information about reliability and financial stability of insurance companies will help the customer not only save his or her time, get the most favourable offer of insurance product the quality of which will correspond to the needs and wishes of the customer, but also to satisfy the demands of the financial institution (bank, leasing company, loan association, etc.) as a beneficiary party.

In its brokerage activity INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL arranges clear system and optimal processes giving the opportunity to service the customers in the best possible way, having carefully analysed their activity, finding the existing problems and solving them.

INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL helps the customer to choose the most favourable offers in:

  • motor insurance
  • property insurance
  • liability insurance
  • accident insurance
  • life insurance
  • insurance adjustment

Besides, the staff of INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL using an individual approach to the problems of each of the private customers and possessing special knowledge will provide advisory services concerning:

  • endowment and pension insurance
  • provision of financial protection to the representatives of the younger generation
  • financial protection of health
  • insurance protection of bank savings etc.

Insurance for the corporate sector of business is one of the most important instruments for minimizing the risks in everyday activity and optimization of expenses in unforeseen situations.

INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL providing expert advises in insurance to big companies, as well as to the representatives of small and medium enterprises, not only provides a crucial instrument for conduct of business, but also helps to assure its efficiency.

INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL taking into account the individual needs of corporate customers, understanding the specific nature of the insurance market and being well informed about the details of insurance products will provide:

  • profound analysis of the insurance market offers
  • high-quality audit of the conditions efficiency of insurance agreements present at the insurance market
  • selection of the most favourable insurance programmes
  • high-quality follow-up of concluded insurance agreements (accounting and control of amendments and additions to the policies, terms of instalments, prolongation time of the concluded insurance agreement etc.)
  • professional support in the matters of regulation of insurance events
  • pre-action settlement of disputes concerning insurance events
  • performing the procedures in securing the payment of compensation
  • advisory concerning the matters of co-operation with insurance companies and banking institutions

INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL will help the corporate customers to choose the most favourable offers of: 

  • motor insurance
  • property insurance
  • liability insurance
  • accident insurance
  • life insurance
  • insurance adjustment

Why is co-operation with INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL in the insurance sector useful for corporate business?

  1. Because the staff of INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL possessing special knowledge, protecting the interests of the customer, promptly and impartially will decide the problems which can take a lot of time, efforts and energy for the customer’s staff.
  2.  Because the well-established contacts with representatives of different structural subdivisions of insurance partner-companies allow to the staff of INVEST CREDIT CAPITAL obtaining first hand professional advise concerning all possible “complicated” insurance problems (collaterals, leasing subjects, financial risks, special unique tangible and intangible (intellectual property, copyright) insurance subject), peculiarities of insurance coverage for such insurance products and pricing policy of an insurance company in the case if the customer applies for obtaining such a service.

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